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Infrastructure Management

Businesses today have complex IT infrastructures that have typically evolved over time. As a result, tracking your technology landscape including system and device capacities, reliability, usage levels and end-user requirements can be difficult. Without detailed, accurate information on your current environment, it can be difficult to plan for operational and efficiency improvements, insure that regulatory requirements are being met and that your organization is achieving the maximum return from its IT investments.

An infrastructure audit from Data Pacific provides you with a complete accounting of all IT assets. A comprehensive review and analysis of all business IT assets including application software, operating systems, work stations, laptops, smartphones, servers, network devices allows you to see where you are today and to plan for the future.


  • Improve Efficiency – optimize hardware and software deployment and utilization
  • Provide a Foundation for Planning – with detailed understanding of where you are today you can effectively develop change, upgrade and enhancement plans
  • Improve Compliance – enhance adherence to security standards and operational procedures

According to prominent research firm IDC (cited in an article in DMReview), investments in infrastructure management have the largest single impact on an organization's revenue.

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